Tested Mom: Review multivarok



+ Do not have to follow a process of preparation: Put a diet food and forget. With a small baby it really saved (daughter of 6 weeks).

+ Often I cook rice, stew meat (a meat with spices preparing TWO-hour Fire) and red apple pie. Often carcass vegetables or baked potatoes do. Complete with recipe book multivarkoy was something taken out of it, anything of a normal life. Basically, these are the dishes that need to simmer and preferably long.

+ Before leaving on maternity leave, apply the function "delayed start" - a very handy item.

+ Function is "to maintain a heat." It is very convenient, how her helpmate comes home with work late, dinner is getting cold-blooded and heating is not necessary.

+ Coverage in the cup pretty strong and there is no matter with wash.

Another worth mentioning a fact that we get a home electric range, and it does not problem where a make. If there were a gas, I do not know if we would keep to apply multivarkoy.

The authors of a three best works are on establish: bowl CREMA TONE + set to grow spice plants SENSE (arugula) + spoonful salad short PRAKTIK. Presently the dish cooked in multivarke, It is possible to add a great salad!

Congratulations to a winners and please contact a editors, writing a letter to info@mama.ru (in a subject line, specify "Test multivarki"), to have a prize.

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