Gadgets for babies: for and against


5-6 years

For older preschoolers, there are a lot of training programs and educational games. It is possible to also adjust a computer and printer in order to write an invitation to his birthday party, or make a picture as a gift to relatives. At this age the newborn "matures" to a perception of long feature films, but he still demands clarification on a go viewing. May be carried out at a screen for 30-40 min every day with one break. Hour and a half movies are best stretch for TWO times.

Accident prevention

Some moms and dads feel anxious because they can harm the intellectual growth of a child, restricting its access to a computer or phone. Such fears are absolutely groundless, but the dependence on gadgets in a baby may actually shape. So 1-st of all we should think about the size of how to accurately limit the newborn craze IT.

• From an early age, do not leave a phone, tablet or TV remote control in a public domain. Baby should ask for permission any time you should to use.

• Place a baby skin the fact that he can spend on the computer or TV is more than a certain capacity of time per time, and arrange a two mandatory five-minute intervals.

• Do not forget that beautiful children get no idea size the computer or Internet inclination. Tell a baby that some people are so attached to your phone or laptop that upon games forget to eat, drink, bathe and sleep - and how a effect just sick.

• Pay more striving to the baby's communication with peers. If you invite a small ones in the home, entertainment making sense to outline ahead: prepare for quizzes, contests, and, of course, prizes. A closer the relationship with a baby's family, a less he will have cause for establishment of virtual dating and electronic games alone.

• Always offer different options for a baby joint pastime: it would be useful if a classes you will become a habit. Sooner or later the kid and he starts to show interest in a particular type of performance and will get your own hobbies not related to gadgets.

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  • Gadgets for babies: for and against
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