Mums share your experience: a bag to a hospital


Some moms recalled so after the birth same a snack - and it was just enough crackers, dry fruit, yoghurt, curds or small chocolates. With a doctor's permission, of course. By a method, you can grab a few chocolates for midwives, it would be nice to hear with you a small candy thanks.



Varya, 3 packages!)))) Does not represent. Buy particular tremendous packet (as well demanded alone plastic bags) and laying there all how required.



Slippers conventional and shale for shower

Towels (TWO pcs for swimming, 1 a small piece for a small person, 1 unit for dishes)

Kefir (ablution up)

Hygiene items (pads, tooth paste, zub.schetka, soap in the soap dish, shampoo)

Beautician (detsk.krem, gigien.pomada, mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner, comb)

Aqua without gas and a pack of biscuits and dry berries (usually following childbirth hungry and thirsty)

Nizh. Bele and gaskets

Diapers for baby

Humidity. Wipes


Establish of items for shaving

Fresh Pump (took just in case, at 1st birth is very handy)

Kettle, watter, sugar

Mug, plate, spoonful, fork, chayn.lozhki

+ phone charger

Some flannel clothing (took for himself, enclose a second natural feeding on spets. Prokladki was averse)

TWO for baby bonnet (allowed only to wear out his caps)

Generally made a list long earlier a birthday and slowly put all the packet and crosses accessible.

Packet to juice the child was lying at home and was got to her husband on a time of discharge. And coming out of a hospital in the same clothes in which it came, I took a bag and took a spets.hranilische, and the time of discharge issued))))

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