Fresh meat dishes for a little miracle


What to be for complementary feeding fresh meat

Fresh meat, like a new product should be introduced into a dietary of a attractive newborn with fine care. To create a process of establishing beef feeding proceeded however comfortable for the baby, you should start with the least allergenic meat - rabbit, turkey or horse fresh meat.

In addition, a new food or meats should only be given when a child is completely healthy and do not get preventive vaccination (tooth eruption - as well a improperly time).

When selecting fresh meat and meat-vegetable dishes, pay efforts to the fat component. Hard animal fat digested little newborn. So, preference must be given little-fat fresh meat varieties. Lamb is introduced to the menu of a latest newborn and propose her little one not often, because this type of meat - the most fat. For a baby to easily and speedily got used to already any meat dish, add to to it a familiar child fresh vegetables. For example, cauliflower or zucchini.

Not to be confused with the sausage fresh meat dish. Fresh meat sausages how time is not enough. But you get a lot of sol, different spices and additives that are harmful to the child!

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