Tested Mom: universani


I must To the note that you can buy to Sankoh accessories: blankets and mattresses for a legs of varied tissue types and different designs. Because when you order universaney desired mattress on hand, I fashioned it herself. Small float from the carriage, which is no longer required for the grown-Oli, I obtyanuli cloth with a broken umbrella - turned out quite pretty and practical!

However, what are my impressions and observations of the a any times of effectual test drive universaney.


+ Universal: snow travel flattened runners to cover the rest - a wheels;

+ No need to leave the sled at the entrance to a store or shopping center, It is possible to drop into;

+ Large wheel size (150mm) allows you to drive even more or less fast-packed snow, through puddles, pits and other irregularities;

+ Pen may be set up on both the front and rear;

+ Great idea to stand legs. While a child is small and does not reach the base, you can conveniently place here a small bag of groceries.

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