Moms share their experience: a bag to the hospital



I even took a little lamp on a clothespin and 1 and with TWO births. We in a Home was a only bright light overhead, it was impossible to sleep at night, and with pale light, and it was lovely to see a newborn, when you have up to nourish and sleep does not interfere

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But those moms whose newborn is in the first days after birthday is particularly love to sleep, calm and not whiny, effective interesting, but rather beneficial book.



In addition to myself and child clothes, as good however hygiene products, I particularly required manicure scissors, because my rabbit on day 3 was scratched)), and the book, how it was rare Sonia))) also add postoperative plaster for Caesar (not ready, but you wish them). Necessarily required for a child diapers and wipes.



Instead of a tablet and netbook took a book (last collection of short stories by Maupassant)))), a second-"Gone with a Wind"), the younger infants were asleep in a infirmary, eating, already you were carried away in herbal medicine, so suddenly was much of free time)) ))

All tips with moms

There are additions to the list of main wants? Write in comments or gathering experience!

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