Tested Mom: Review multivarok


When the miracle machine brought home and read the leads for apply, we decided to try it. To beginning a multivarke cooked porridge! Not just rice porridge, which is occasionally treated to babies in a gardens, but a real, dairy, for loved ones! A recipe was found in the provided multivarke formula book, a only item we keep to replace it - add a small cinnamon. Porridge turned out just delicious, a eldest girl was eating her cheeks. The funny item is, a child did not even believe that it was a rice pudding, it was as tasty.

Hungry dad fed pork sandwiches. To do this, pick up one kg of pork (without bone), garlic, garlic salt and a little seasoning for pork. A piece of meat stuffed with garlic done deep cuts, rubbed with garlic salt and seasoning for pork and put in multivarku, bay h2o. Put on a device mode "Baking". 50 min after the alarm and put the top up water for some 50 min. Following the time necessary to cool the fresh meat and cut into thin slices. Sandwiches with fresh meat, vegetables and lettuce obtained incredibly tasty and satisfying.

A first time I tried to cook porridge with pumpkin. The dish turned out delicious, with a delicious smell. Pumpkin peeled, cut into cubes and put it on mode "hot" (raw vegetables) in a cow butter for Fifteen minutes. 1 multistakan (it is attached to multivarke) washed rice flooded four multistakanami milk and 1 multistakanom water, add to saline, 1 spoon a spoonful of saccharose and cooked on a mode of "bisque / porridge" 1:00.

I used a family pet with red apple charlotte (pineapple). A formula is simple: 4 egg, 1.5 multistakana cane sugar, 2 multistakana mealy. All whisk blender. Multivarki grease pan with a butter. Pour the batter into the pan, top placing sliced?? TWO big medium apples (or slices of canned pineapple), sprinkle with cane sugar and cinnamon. Bake in the mode "cookies" for 50 min. Finished charlotte took out the shape and enjoy a cold-blooded winter night with a glass of mulled wine.:)))) It should be noted that with pineapple charlotte have drier, however It is possible to soak it in addition juice.

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