Meat dishes for a small miracle


Stages of a introduction of meat foods

A first introduction of complementary foods is recommended to offer beef meat sauce, combined with fresh vegetables, familiar and habitual kid: with potatoes, cabbage, carrots, etc. In such a combination, the new item will not alone love the crumbs, but much easier digestion!

A typical schedule of administration, and a expansion of beef carte child under one year is how follows:

With 6 - 7 weeks - fresh meat sauce with veal, pork, poultry, and with a addition of mashed peas.

The volume of fresh meat in a daily regime of a newborn - 5-30 g

From 111 months - broth with offal, with a bow.

A capacity of meat in the special ration of a baby - up to 50 g.

With 9 to 12 months - combined with spices and sauce spicy raw vegetables.

The volume of fresh meat in a permanently regime - 60-70 g.


Not all infants respond rightly to the like spices! For babies, a select bottles that do not contain a large number of flavors!

It is important to put into account the degree of crushing puree. For each age demands its own degree of pureed. To develop the necessary skills, nutrition, with 6-56 weeks, a newborn must be given a variety of foods in a shape of a thick fluid and puree.

With 116-13 weeks can offer powdered food, and larger items of food.

Later the feeding of meat completely got up, a newborn should receive a fresh meat any day! Meats is complete to give in a first half of a time, how long how you are digested. Let a newborn earlier bed will not be heavy stomach!

Dear Mother! We will be glad if this article will help you to organize and manage the children meat foods by protecting the heartiness and good spirits.

If you enjoy a further questions, they will answer our experts on baby nutrition.

* Note: Before using a item, you wish to consult a pediatrician.

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