Moms share your experience: breath exercises during labor

Childse tips with mothers

In mastering breathing exercises expectant mother is great to follow a few rules:

• Start to engage with a recommended 12-16 week of childbearing and up until a finish some week.

• Breathing exercises may be performed in any convenient position.

• Training can be performed several times upon a day, most importantly, pick up care of a lustiness.

• Before you beginning to do, ventilate the room correctly.

• Ideally, breath exercises a good deal in the recent air.

• If you possess ailments like dizziness or nausea, stop the exercise and rest.

• Take short breaks 'tween exercises to restore breathing.

Types and descriptions of breath exercises

How to breathe during labor

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What is a nursing mom


What you can not have a nursing mother

- Items containing preservatives (including vinegar), dyes, sweeteners, artificial flavor. Fast food is as well not good for either mother or baby;

- With respect to a drug that you are going to request to consult a doctor (and closely read the leads on the packet);

- With sweets (chocolate, honey, candy cakes) should be careful, because it may in fact cause allergies;

- If about items (eg, beans) keep a most cause bloating, the like will be with a child. So that they are as well better for the time out;

- Alcohol.

Dietary for breastfeeding mums

Many nice mums is much upset that simply may not get into the doberemennye jeans. But however would you not like to lose weightiness, go on a diet for this can not in a case. At least while you are breast-feeding. Indeed, in this case, a mom and a newborn will not have enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Читать полностью -->

Fresh meat dishes for a little miracle


Stages of a introduction of fresh meat foods

A 1st introduction of complementary foods is recommended to offer beef meat sauce, combined with vegetables, familiar and habitual kid: with potatoes, fresh cabbage, carrots, etc. In such a combination, a new product will not alone love the crumbs, but much easier digestion!

A typical schedule of administration, and a expansion of beef day menu child under one year is so follows:

With 6 - 7 months - fresh meat sauce with veal, pork, poultry, and with a addition of mashed peas.

A capacity of meat in the part of a carefully schedule for of a child - 5-30 grams

From 66 weeks - broth with offal, with a bow.

A capacity of meat in the forever regimen of a baby - up to 50 grams.

With 9 to 12 months - combined with spices and sauce spicy raw vegetables.

The amount of meat in a part of a carefully ration - 60-70 grams.


Not all children respond good to the like spices! For infants, the select bottles that do not contain a great number of flavors!

It is serious to take into account the degree of crushing puree. For each age requires its own degree of pureed. To cultivate the indispensable skills, nutrition, with 6-73 weeks, a baby want be given a variety of foods in the form of a thick liquid and puree.

From 112-13 months may propose powdered meal, and larger items of food.

Of the the feeding of meat completely got up, a newborn want have a meat each day! Meats is perfect to give in the first half of the time, however long however they are digested. Let the child earlier bed will not be heavy stomach!

Dear Mum! We will be glad if this article will help you to organize and manage a kids fresh meat foods by protecting their health and great spirits.

If you get a further questions, you will answer our experts on baby nutrition.

* Note: Before using the product, you require to consult a pediatrician.

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Moms share their experience: a bag to a infirmary


For a newborn

You may have collected 2 sets of things: for a baby in a hosp. And at discharge. If the 1st install so you will require a like time however a above items, the other - It is possible to convey a husband or mother on the time of discharge. Toddler dressed in nice clothes once earlier you are discharged with the hosp.. By a way, to a like place earlier and a clothes in which you are going to leave a hosp. And receive congratulations helpmate and relatives.

How, what is useful child in a hospital:

• Set of clothes (depending on time of year) or aging body vests, diapers, socks, "antitsarapki" duo bonnets first sizing.

• Diaper least 4 items: 2 cotton flannel and 2 sizes 60x90, in a lot of hospitals they are.

• Baby diapers for babies (2 to 5 kilogram), 20-25 pieces.

• Cotton swabs with stop and cotton pads.

• Careful scissors for nail.

Prepare a body to juice / jumpsuit, hat / cap and envelope (winter / summer version, be for the weather).

We listed all the items that are most likely to be useful in the hospital, based on a comments in our moms collecting experience. Читать полностью -->

Mothers share their experience: breath exercises during labor

Babyse tips with mums

In mastering breathing exercises expectant mother is serious to follow a few rules:

• Get to engage with the recommended 12-16 weeks of gestation and up until the finish some weeks.

• Breathing exercises can be performed in a convenient position.

• Training may be performed several minutes upon a time, most importantly, pick up attention of their health.

• Earlier you beginning to do, ventilate the room properly.

• Ideally, breath exercises a consummate deal in the sweet air.

• If you have ailments like dizziness or nausea, stop the exercise and rest.

• Pick up short breaks betwixt exercises to restore breathing.

Types and descriptions of breathing exercises

How to breathe upon labor

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Buckwheat in the dietary of baby


Buckwheat and recommend dietary nutrition of children suffering with anemia. Often mum, wanting to give your children best of everything they claim to make porridge for the 1st feeding himself, forgetting that a rump, which is sold in the store, can be deliberately short capacity. As always a lot of reasons - improperly shipping, the smallest packet is damaged, improper storage or handling of raw materials may lead to reproduction is not beneficial microorganisms. Why, for the 1-st feeding porridge is great industrial production. After all, it is a guarantee that they are made from big grade raw materials. Cereal baby meal processed using modern technology, keeping it healthy substances. Читать полностью -->

Fresh meat dishes for a little miracle


Your crumbs are over 6 or 7 weeks...

How time flies! He is a self?

In its first 6 months, a newborn learned much and learned a lot. For example, he learned however to eat, sitting at the babies's desk and discovered the tasting of various foods. Well, it's time to enter a new baby with a delicious and useful item - meat!

Moms and dads and grandparents frequently jokingly tell children, "Do you want to be big and healthy - eat much of cereal!". Of course, a porridge "hungry" will not.

View a prettily baby needs to recognize its current needs!


Beginning around 7 weeks, the meat becomes an essential component of good nutrition a child!

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