Meat dishes for a small miracle


Stages of the introduction of fresh meat foods

A first introduction of complementary foods is recommended to propose beef meat sauce, combined with raw vegetables, familiar and habitual kid: with potatoes, fresh cabbage, carrots, etc. In such a combination, the new item will not only love a crumbs, but much easier digestion!

A typical schedule of administration, and a expansion of beef menu baby under one year is how follows:

With 6 - 7 months - meat sauce with veal, pork, poultry, and with the addition of mashed peas.

The amount of meat in a special schedule for of a newborn - 5-30 g

With 31 weeks - broth with offal, with a bow.

A amount of fresh meat in the weekly dietary of a child - up to 50 g.

From 9 to 12 months - combined with spices and sauce spicy vegetables.

A amount of fresh meat in the part of a carefully diet - 60-70 g.


Not all babies respond well to a same spices! For infants, a select bottles that do not contain a big number of flavors!

It is great to put into account a degree of crushing puree. For any age wants its own degree of pureed. To cultivate a required skills, nutrition, with 6-51 months, the child must be given a variety of foods in the form of a thick liquidity and puree.

With 116-13 months may offer powdered food, and larger items of diet food.

Following a feeding of fresh meat completely got up, the baby must get the meat any day! Meats is better to give in a first 1/2 of the day, so long however you are digested. Let a newborn before bed will not be heavy stomach!

Dear Mum! We will be glad if this article will help you to organize and manage your kids fresh meat foods by protecting your health and good spirits.

If you get a further questions, they will answer our experts on baby nutrition.

* To the note: Before using the product, you claim to consult a pediatrician.

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May a lactation mom seeds and nuts?


There is a common view on the benefits of nut consumption to increase a fat content of milk. However, overseas studies found no such relationship. The amount of fat in fresh milk does not depend on the content of fat in a food of a mum. Depending on the type of meal may vary fat in a milk, but not the fat.

Summarizing and answering a question "whether a nursing mother seeds and nuts," noting that it is required to follow a basic rule of supply nursing moms - moderation. You must not overeat even the most useful item, but do not categorically reject "unauthorized", but the beloved dish. If a breastfeeding young woman much like seeds or nuts, and the negative consequences do not arise neither she nor a newborn, then limit yourself once again in a beloved treat is not necessary. Читать полностью -->

Fresh meat dishes for a little miracle


What to be for complementary feeding meat

Meat, same any new item must be introduced into the food of a young child with nice upkeep. To make a process of establishing beef feeding proceeded so comfortable for a child, you want start with the least allergenic fresh meat - rabbit, turkey or horse meat.

In addition, a new food or meats must only be given when the baby is completely healthy and do not have preventive vaccination (tooth eruption - also a improperly time).

When selecting meat and fresh meat-veg dishes, pay attention to a fat component. Strongly animal fat digested little child. Why, preference need be given low-fat meat varieties. Lamb is introduced to the carte of a latest baby and offer her small one not ofttimes, because this type of fresh meat - the most fat. For a child to easily and quickly got used to yet another meat dish, add to it the familiar baby raw vegetables. Читать полностью -->

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  • Meat dishes for a little miracle
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