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When the miracle machine brought home and read the leads for apply, we decided to try it. To beginning a multivarke cooked porridge! Not just rice porridge, which is occasionally treated to babies in a gardens, but a real, dairy, for loved ones! A recipe was found in the provided multivarke formula book, a only item we keep to replace it - add a small cinnamon. Porridge turned out just delicious, a eldest girl was eating her cheeks. The funny item is, a child did not even believe that it was a rice pudding, it was as tasty.

Hungry dad fed pork sandwiches. To do this, pick up one kg of pork (without bone), garlic, garlic salt and a little seasoning for pork. A piece of meat stuffed with garlic done deep cuts, rubbed with garlic salt and seasoning for pork and put in multivarku, bay h2o. Читать полностью -->

Moms share their experience: a bag to the hospital



I even took a little lamp on a clothespin and 1 and with TWO births. We in a Home was a only bright light overhead, it was impossible to sleep at night, and with pale light, and it was lovely to see a newborn, when you have up to nourish and sleep does not interfere

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But those moms whose newborn is in the first days after birthday is particularly love to sleep, calm and not whiny, effective interesting, but rather beneficial book.



In addition to myself and child clothes, as good however hygiene products, I particularly required manicure scissors, because my rabbit on day 3 was scratched)), and the book, how it was rare Sonia))) also add postoperative plaster for Caesar (not ready, but you wish them). Necessarily required for a child diapers and wipes.



Instead of a tablet and netbook took a book (last collection of short stories by Maupassant)))), a second-"Gone with a Wind"), the younger infants were asleep in a infirmary, eating, already you were carried away in herbal medicine, so suddenly was much of free time)) ))

All tips with moms

There are additions to the list of main wants? Write in comments or gathering experience!

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Gadgets for infants: for and against


Current babies learn to type on a computer before you write on paper, and you can draw with a mouse as Picasso never dreamed of. Unfortunately, for a lot of infants, gadgets are becoming one of the alone passion. However so to interest the newborn traditional puzzles, magnetic alphabet or colors? And whether you wish to save the younger generation from a influence of scientific and technological progress? Let's deal!

In fact, computers, phones and gaming consoles are not however harmful: the ownership of expanding visual and auditory perception, lovely motor skills and striving. Agree not to use such techniques helpful affinity would at least not rightly! That is why a general task of adults is not to limit the communication however a baby with a computer and to find the optimum balance betwixt the amount of time spent on a PC and on a normal "off-line" entertainment and activities.

Prettily force

To a newborn has an unhealthy attraction to video games, you request quite a long time, already with a whole bunch of different factors.

Positive reinforcement

So a rule, familiarity with a child in any miracle of technology starts at the moment when her mother tries to have him to quickly eat porridge or, for example, to calm, waiting for their turn to see a physician.

Pretty soon a way to solve problems is the fastest, efficient and, therefore, the alone one. Complete time, parents start to use the gadget in a educational purposes and often deprive a child of the coveted "toys" for bad behavior. Forbidden fruit is known to be sweet, and however a effect of a normal "plastic box with a monitor" turns a newborn into the biggest source of pleasure.

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Fresh meat dishes for a little miracle


What to be for complementary feeding fresh meat

Fresh meat, like a new product should be introduced into a dietary of a attractive newborn with fine care. To create a process of establishing beef feeding proceeded however comfortable for the baby, you should start with the least allergenic meat - rabbit, turkey or horse fresh meat.

In addition, a new food or meats should only be given when a child is completely healthy and do not get preventive vaccination (tooth eruption - as well a improperly time).

When selecting fresh meat and meat-vegetable dishes, pay efforts to the fat component. Hard animal fat digested little newborn. So, preference must be given little-fat fresh meat varieties. Lamb is introduced to the menu of a latest newborn and propose her little one not often, because this type of meat - the most fat. For a baby to easily and speedily got used to already any meat dish, add to to it a familiar child fresh vegetables. Читать полностью -->

Mothers share their experience: cereals in the regime of the newborn up to a year


About mums prefer to prepare their own mess. For a perfect texture and sweet tasting, observe the following making:

- Earlier cooking grits cut in a coffee grinder to powder,

- Boil 5 g grains per 100 ml of aqua,

- 1-2 weeks - 10 g cereals 100 ml of water,

- Do not add the sugar and saline, blend correct with a bit of raspberries puree.



We started at 4.5 months. With oat and buckwheat Nestle dairy-free, dairy-free, however The medical man advised to beginning with a hypoallergenic start. Diluted with water, my daughter ate rice is good, the buckwheat - not much.... Read more



We started eating porridge from 6 weeks buckwheat gluten free, so a other, ate with gusto. With 20 months began to enter the ordinary cereals, with bitter experience nephew-his sister was easy for babies... Читать полностью -->

Gadgets for babies: for and against


5-6 years

For older preschoolers, there are a lot of training programs and educational games. It is possible to also adjust a computer and printer in order to write an invitation to his birthday party, or make a picture as a gift to relatives. At this age the newborn "matures" to a perception of long feature films, but he still demands clarification on a go viewing. May be carried out at a screen for 30-40 min every day with one break. Hour and a half movies are best stretch for TWO times.

Accident prevention

Some moms and dads feel anxious because they can harm the intellectual growth of a child, restricting its access to a computer or phone. Such fears are absolutely groundless, but the dependence on gadgets in a baby may actually shape. Читать полностью -->

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